Carlson College of Massage Therapy FERPA Release

Please fill out the following form to release information to a third party.   You will need to pay $7.50 to CCMT (call 319-462-3402 to pay over the phone, send a check or use PayPal) for each transcript.

Please note this $7.50 fee is only for the transcript and regular US mail delivery. Should more documents need sent there will be additional fees. If you want the items sent with tracking that is an additional cost as well.  


*PLEASE CONSULT the state’s website if you are looking to gain licensure outside of Iowa. It is important you supply us with detailed information including: educational materials they may need, additional forms that need completed or CCMT credentials that need to be included. It is your responsibility to supply this detailed info to us.    

I, the undersigned hereby authorize Carlson College of Massage Therapy to release the following educational records and information.

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Allow for up to five (5) days for transcripts to be processed and available.

TO complete CLICK ‘SUBMIT’ AND YOU WILL BE RE-DIRECTED TO PAYPAL FOR PAYMENT. if you wish to make payment through paypal complete the transaction there. If not, close paypal out and call us at 319-462-3402 to make payment over the phone.