Sugar Scholarship

We are honored to offer the $1,000 Sugar Scholarship. 

This scholarship fund was started by Ruth Carlson, founder of CCMT, to honor

her sister, Sugar Novak, who is an inspiration to many and a true

pioneer of massage therapy.  

Application Requirements:

*Submit an essay (no more than 500 words) stating your career goals, educational goals, reasons why you chose CCMT and why you have chosen to pursue a career in massage therapy.   Please submit your essay to for submission. 

*The Scholarship essay must be received by Carlson Carlson College of Massage Therapy no later than:

          August 26, 2024 for the 23 Week Program (daytime, weekday) 

          September 23, 2024 for the 44 Week Program (3 evenings a week and the scheduled Saturdays). 

*Selection committee will announce recipient(s) within 7 days of the submission deadline.    

Eligibility for Scholarship:

*Students must be fully enrolled in a Fall 2024 program and have completed all enrollment requirements of Carlson College of Massage Therapy.

*Students who receive the Sugar Scholarship must be passing all courses and meeting SAP at each scheduled grade report and at the end of the first payment period. Failure to meet these terms may result in forfeiture of this scholarship.   

*The selection committee will evaluate the applications and essays based on the following criteria: financial need of the recipient, genuineness of the message, concise writing style, and clarity of the message.  

*By submitting a scholarship application, applicants release all rights to Carlson College of Massage Therapy for the use of the applicant’s essay, student’s name and image or photograph, which may be used in advertising, news releases, websites, social media outlets, or other public relations activities, if desired.    

Method of Disbursement:

The scholarship will be applied to the student’s Carlson College of Massage Therapy account in two equal amounts at the end of each payment period successfully completed during the recipient’s program. 

Carlson College of Massage Therapy reserves the right to divide the scholarship between multiple applicants.   

Any questions regarding the application process may be directed to:

Chris Rider, President at 

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