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Paige Majeski, LMT Full Time Class (graduated August 2006)

My journey to Carlson College of Massage Therapy and beyond….. My personal journey to becoming a Massage Therapist has been a remarkable experience. I have always had a connection to others. There has always been a desire in my heart to be of service to others. This desire was first felt within me as a small child and blossomed as I grew older. When I graduated high school in 1993, I decided to go into social work. As a Social Worker, I worked with a variety of populations including people with HIV and AIDS, people who suffered mental illness and towards the end of my career I worked with the elderly. In 2003 I had my daughter and made the decision to stay at home with her. Although I loved being home with my daughter, my heart was aching to be back helping others. 

Barb White, LMT Full Time Class (graduated in 2012)
he education I received at Carlson College exceeded my expectations. The faculty prepared me to confidently take and pass the state licensing exam (boards) on the first try. The instructors are of the highest quality. Everything from the basics of massage to the anatomy/physiology classes were top notch. I commuted an hour each way daily to attend Carlson, and feel it was absolutely worth the investment in time and travel. I am now a small business owner and I love my work! I am proud to be a Carlson grad! Barb is enjoying her private practice in Dubuque, Ia.
Sarah Boniface, LMT Full Time Class (graduated in 2012)  
I have always had a passion for helping myself and others achieve a healthy lifestyle. Prior to school at CCMT, I knew that I wanted to have a career in health and fitness, but did not know exactly how to get where I wanted. My mom recommended that I go to Carlson. Without hesitation, I thought this was a wonderful idea; to have a well paying job while I figure out what it is exactly I want to do with my life. Within a week of starting at CCMT I fell in love with the art of massage and the ability it has to touch people’s lives. The educational experience was more than I could have ever asked for. I am reminded of that every time a client of mine gets off the table feeling better than they did when they walked in the door. The hands on experience prepared me for the real life application of my trade. The education I received at CCMT helped me pave a path and become a better person. Sarah is working in a massage clinic in Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Coco Seaborn, LMT Full Time Class (graduated in 2012)
When I enrolled at CCMT (Carlson College of Massage Therapy), I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Excited to become a licensed Massage Therapist, yet I was nervous about my English vocabulary. English is my second language. I am Chinese, and I speak Mandarin. My English started out as self taught before I decided to enroll in English classes at the local community college for a couple of semesters. The following semester, I enrolled in to Carlson hoping I had learned enough English to understand my instructors. Everyone at Carlson was very helpful and encouraging. It was almost immediate that we all had developed a family sort of bond, instructors and classmates. I soon realized I had made the right decision by choosing Carlson College of Massage Therapy. I will never forget my instructors and my new life-long friends I made at CCMT. Coco is loving her new office she created in Cedar Rapids, IA.
Shannon Williams, LMT Full Time Class (graduated in 2010)
Helping people was always my dream but I never had massage therapy in my mind to do so. I was working in a career that I didn’t enjoy and had a lot of stress, which is far from the image I think of when I picture massage therapy. It was by some miracle that I was at a point in my life where I could quit my job and focus on pursuing my dreams. Someone had mentioned that I should look into massage therapy and that Carlson College offered a great six month program. Really without giving it much thought, I went for it! The thought of becoming a Massage Therapists in six short months sounded pretty good and it was the perfect fit for me! My experience at CCMT went far beyond giving me the tools to become a skilled Therapist. The instructors not only give you confidence in the work you do but most importantly in yourself. I don’t believe you can find such compassion out of any other individuals than these. I have been a Massage Therapist since 2010 and at times when I give someone a massage for the first time they say “you went to Carlson, didn’t you?”. This says it all about the school’s reputation and the education they provide! I feel proud to say I went to CCMT and I know it helped me to become a more skilled Massage Therapist and an even better person. Shannon enjoys a private practice in Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Shannah Goss, LMT Full Time (graduated in 2012)
  I am reminded of the quality of my education everyday after working with clients and seeing positive results. The staff is caring and they want you to succeed and excel in the business, providing students with all that is needed and asked for. I have and will continue to recommend Carlson College of Massage Therapy as the school to go to for massage therapy. My time at CCMT will always be remembered. Shannah is working within a chiropractic office in the Chicago area.
Lee Dallenbach, LMT Full Time Class (graduated in 1997)
CCMT was the best choice for the best career move I’ve ever made! I need to stop by and get me some CCMT mo jo! Lee is currently in private practice in Arlington, Ia
Rochelle Sikora, LMT Part Time Class (graduated in 2006) )
  I moved to Ohio immediately upon graduating from CCMT. I passed the State of Ohio licensing exam on the first attempt. What is so amazing about this is that out of over 900 people taking this exam at the same time only 47% passed…and I was one of them! My Carlson College education made a difference! Rochelle is in practice in Ohio.
Lindsay Senn, LMT Part Time Class (graduated in 2000) )
I had an amazing experience here! I was young and it definitely gave me a great start to life! The personal one-on-one help/instruction was the best. Ten years later and everyone still knows me and is a huge help whenever I need it. Lindsay is currently in private practice in Illinois.

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